A story of true hero: three cups of tea

This book tells the true story about a American man, Greg Mortenson, building schools for kids, especially girls, in Pakistan and Afghanistan during the last two decades. It’s amazing that how a single man’s effort can change the lives of so many people. It’s even more impressive given the fact that the man dedicates his life to improve the lives of the people in another country whose relationship with his own motherland is far from friendly. It can never be exaggerated how many difficulties the man has to face, and how hard he has to work to accomplish his mission.
This book also shows me the image of people’s lives in a strange place. Though we are the same creatures, the way the people in the remote mountain village live is far beyond my imagination. Lack of any modern facility, no electricity, no transportation, no clean water, makes their lives seem unbearable. However, they can find true peace and happiness in their hearts despite the harsh environments they are forced to face. Their wisdom sometime easily expose the weakness and blindness of well educated people. This is the evidence that the pursue of happiness is a procedure that independent, or at least not fully rely on the materials wealthiness. It’s more or less an inwards exploration.
I just wish I could visit one of those small villages lying in-between big mountains one day.



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