some random thought about the pushing-ROC-to-the-corner game

the fast development of pedestrian detection methods brings a hell lot of pressure to researchers
almost every paper published pushes the performance curve (ROC) to the corner of heaven a little bit
a few years ago, when i was still addicted to the game of ROC boosting
a friend told me that focusing on a benchmark set too long is harmful to research
now i have to say he is right, both theoretically and practically

the existence of a benchmark set becomes an official excuse for researchers not processing new data
"we have compared our method with previous methods on the XXX set which is a widely used standard test set,
so we think our experiments are sufficient, blah blah blah…"
The set is the universe, nothing else we care
one table or figure is enough, why bother to give extra
this removes the troubles of designing and conducting experiments in a smart and convincing way

when you have both the training set and the testing set
the experiment is so cheap that you can repeat it almost infinite times
the learning is no longer pure by machine
a big amount of ROC boosting is done by experienced hands
sometime i feel ashame to tell other fellow researchers that there are many hidden tricks they don’t know

it’s known by VC theory, the more complicated the method is the large chance it has to overfit
however, we could reduce the chance of overfiting by using more samples
which may actually reduce both empirical error and generalization error
a fixed set actually imposes some upper limit on the complexity of the method used
it’s time to move on
but nobody wants to move


4 Responses to some random thought about the pushing-ROC-to-the-corner game

  1. Shengyang说道:

    I feel vision community should also encourage people writting papers on how to do good engineering works, at least it is better than generating trush "novel ideas". Those who write papers novel but doesn\’t really work should be ashamed, although I did this sometimes myself…

  2. Quan说道:


  3. yadong说道:

    不过,更大的数据集可以避免overfitting么?我觉得不一定吧,一方面现有的某些dataset的训练集和测试集的distribution不一致,另一方面,数据规模太大往往使得计算代价过分昂贵,尤其对于human detection这样训练时间动辄需要三四天的问题。。


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