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该死的签证又要到期了为了去巴西开会决定舍身再赴墨西哥好在去年和昌哥一起去过一次这 … 继续阅读

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good cheap wine – Fish Eye 2005 Cabernet Savignon

a good california wine some reviews say … 继续阅读

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abandoned kitties in front of lab building

two just born kitties are abandoned by t … 继续阅读

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finally got Tao’s pami paper accepted

T. Zhao, R. Nevatia, and B. Wu. Segmenta … 继续阅读

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Beach welcome party for new USC 9# guys

at our traditional beach event spot, Red … 继续阅读

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新一波9#师弟师妹已经顺利安顿下来 这几年9# USC分舵的实力不断壮大 每周末 … 继续阅读

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